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This is your number one source of treadmill information. Please browse through the pages, and educate yourself before making that important investment. After all, your health is what matters most and choosing the right treadmill is imperative.

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At this stage in the game you must take your time, and gather information. Concentrate on the mechanics of the treadmill, rather than its bells and whistles. The most critical components of a treadmill are outlined below. Purchasing your treadmill from a specialty store that specializes in treadmills sales and service will ensure more knowledgeable staff to help you; both before, and after the sale.

Your shopping experience should be as painless as possible. Try to avoid pushy commission based sales personnel. Ask to see if the store you are purchasing from does their own service for the product that they sell. It is always a good idea to purchase from a company that services what they sell versus a third party service provider. Ask how long it takes to get service should you require it. It is important to feel good about the place you will be purchasing your treadmill from because you will have to deal with them again. Remember that treadmills have common wear items such as belts and decks.

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This information is meant to inform you about individual components. We avoid mentioning makes and models to remove biasness. If you find a specific treadmill with as many of the components listed, then it is probably a good unit. This information does not boggle you down with brand, marketing propaganda or useless internet sites that offer paid advertising.

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Treadmill Checklist

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