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Treadmill Deck:

Treadmill Deck

Treadmill decks are made from wood. They vary by the type of wood manufacturers use, and the types of top "slick" coatings that they apply.

Lower end treadmills will usually incorporate particleboard decks, because it lowers the cost of the treadmill. These decks are more prone to cracking because of their light density. MDF, or medium density fibre-board is the better option. This type of deck costs a little more, but is less prone to cracking. Make sure that the type of deck you are considering is MDF if you desire a long lasting treadmill.

Another variable one should consider is whether the decks are dual coated. Generally if only one side of the deck is coated, the deck will tend to bend towards the laminate. Try to purchase a treadmill with both sides of the deck laminated. Both sides of the deck do not need to be lubricated, but having the bottom laminated maintains the integrity of the deck. This prevents the deck from warping to the side of the laminate because both sides help to maintain the equilibrium.

For runners or users who wish to keep their treadmills for decades, consider purchasing a treadmill containing MDF and at least 1" thick deck. Anything less than 1" will tend to crack to generate excessive bounce. If you are looking at treadmills that have a 3/4" deck these will be adequate for walkers and power walkers.

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